Community Health
Needs Assessment

We used evidence-based practice to inform our services

2021 CHNA

We strive to use evidence-based practice, client feedback, and guidance to inform our services. In 2021, we conducted our second Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to evaluate current services, population needs, and areas of improvement. Originally set for 2020, the survey was postponed due to COVID-19. Different from our first CHNA in 2016, we hired 5 individuals with lived experience of homelessness to administer the 251 paid surveys to people experiencing homelessness at various locations in our community.

In our next phase, we are working to share the results with other healthcare, public health, and service organizations to expose essential gaps in resources in our community and get their feedback. We hope this data will provide valuable insight through ongoing education, service, and systems change. One of the main reasons we want this data analyzed by the demographics we mentioned is because we believe this will highlight important disparities in the services.

2016 CHNA

During the formation of our organization, we wanted to ask the people we would be serving what they needed from us to eliminate barriers to their healthcare needs. With 120 surveys, we use the information we collected to guide our services (that were just beginning back then!).
Main findings:

  • On average, the respondents have had 1 visit to the emergency department in the 6 months prior to taking the survey.
  • 70% of respondents have not had dental care in the last two years.
  • The barriers are ACCESS and SECURITY
Main barriers to accessing care:
  • Cannot afford to pay
  • Insufficient transportation
  • Do not know where to go
  • Challenges getting an appointment
  • Cannot get time off from work
  • Cannot get childcare
Main barriers to security:
  • Do not trust the healthcare system
  • Fear of being judged
  • No safe place to store belongings
  • Fear of legal trouble for drugs/alcohol